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My approach

Peel away the heavy editing and the over-directing and posing of every shot – and you're left with a genuine retelling of a moment.

My main priorities when capturing anything from a family session to a wedding day are:

NEVER interrupt the moment

Adhering to a timeline over being in the moment will never be me. If the ceremony starts 10 minutes late so you can soak in just a few more blissful moments with your significant other, then so be it. If family portraits go longer than expected so a loved one can hug your neck and share words of love and wisdom, the cocktail hour will keep flowing. Allowing you to be in the moment so you can look back at a photo and remember a significant moment, instead of remembering someone interrupting or rushing you past a second you'll never get back, is vital to me.

Direct less, document more

I spend more time observing organic interactions through the lens instead of directing them to get the "perfect" shot – especially when it comes to a wedding day. It's still my goal to capture you and your loved ones beautifully (like often leading my subjects to good lighting and areas that present the moment in all its glory) but it's also my goal to capture it TRUTHfully. I avoid directing my clients to "pause", "smile here", or "can you redo that totally-spontaneous-once-in-a-lifetime moment". This way everything we capture is truly BEAUTIFUL but also equally TRUE.

True-to-life editing

When it comes to editing your photos, I choose to edit in true tones (except for the occasional, timeless black & white image). Why? Because 5, 10, or 50 years from now editing trends will change a thousand times but more importantly; when you look back on your images, I strive for them to feel like windows back into that time, that day, that feeling. Not falsely filtered images but a real-life memory.

What the lovers are saying

Client Love

Abby & Mason

Laney is truly the best in the business. Her photos are elegant and capture not just the moment but the feelings as well. She is so easy to work with and she was hyping us up at every turn for both the wedding and engagement pictures. We are so happy we hired her because it felt like she was a friend instead of just a photographer. Laney works tirelessly to get you your pictures as soon as humanly possible. We got maried and had previews the next day. She is so dedicated to her work and it truly shows[...]

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